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Anand (Jaclyn Kohler) 

Massage to me is a state of prayer, a meditative space where your soul heals because you choose into your healing and allow yourself to receive love  and release whatever no longer serves. 

Graduate of A Gathering Place in 2017, I specialize in Eastern Modalities.

Each session is a unique experience to be able to give the best results to each person. Blending together therapeutic techniques and tools, your session may include hot stones, hot bamboo, cups, Young Living essential oils, and always hot towels for that extra pamper feel.  Deep relaxation is achieved by playing sound tones and also practicing Reiki intuitively throughout each session. 

For the massage lovers who know about modalities, I love to utilize  trigger point work to relieve pain as needed,  heated tools to help relax the body, silicone cups to work with the myofascial system, as well as remove stagnant energy. Gua shua (the scraping tool) is also great for this! 

My most recent studies include Table Thai Massage and John Barnes Myofascial Level 1.  Both of these modalities are sprinkled into my Omni Massage and also can be scheduled as their own treatment. 

Schedule your Omni Massage today to drift into bliss and wellness :) 

Head Massage


We envision holding the space for your Optimal Healing experience where we believe as the mind and body connect the Soul heals, or realizes that indeed you are already whole.