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Microcosm in the Macrocosm

Last night, I attended the most lovely donation based Yin Yoga class with Hanna Atwood at Sangha after my Candle Light Vinyasa Flow class.

There were a few things I noticed and processed while melting into each pose supported by my bolster and the dark room filled with Palo Santo and Lavender.

Firstly, I had a difficult moment shifting from giver to receiver. How many healers out there experience this on the regular?!

My intention before even going to class was to take a moment for my Self. Often in my world I am holding space for others and their healing journey, something that I am truly blessed to be a part of and love saying that this is my "job". I find that balance is taking time for myself as well though, and although that used to mean watching TV to disconnect or even smoking a lot of pot. I now thoroughly enjoy being sober and watching old habits die. Habits that taught me wonderful lessons, and now here I am choosing in to a bigger, better me. My new way to disconnect and recharge has been reading, making an intentional choice for less screen time, although finding balance is the other part of my disciplinary ways as it seems this is how to promote myself my work and connect with others.

On that note I listened to a stellar Ram Dass and East Forest song yesterday called "Electronic Sea." It triggered something deep inside of me. "There is a sickness that is coming from the identification that separateness, the individual." It continues on to talk about how we get stuck in our screens choosing text over phone calls and accurately describes an epidemic our culture is facing. So I am choosing in to making my screen time about breaking barriers and I am using my voice this year. I am sharing my journey in hopes that you too can find your voice and know you are already whole. I am co-creating Women's Circles with Randi of Gypsy.Rain.7 to bring women together in person. Connecting with the ways of the past and bringing healing to our Souls as we Unite! I am also very excited for the other healing circles we have in the works for the future for both men and women and even family gatherings!

I believe in creating a change. I believe in being my authentic self and in doing so inspiring others to be the same. I felt this authenticity in Hannas class, especially when she

said something along the lines of all being a microcosm in the macrocosm and how in taking time to nurture myself I took time to nurture the Whole. That moment was the moment my soul needed. Thank you for creating change and showing up as the TRUE YOU!

"Our consciousnesses are One, your consciousness and my consciousness."-Ram Dass

Little did Hanna know that for a few weeks I have been saying I am going to attend one of her classes, and randomly, or by Divine Order, she scheduled a pop up class after my class meaning I could no longer make any excuse to not take that Self care moment. By slowing down and recharging, I am able to give more!

The year of the heart, of Love 2020 why is this you ask well the 2+2= 4 equating to the heart chakra and all that beautiful green energy that comes along with it!

Today, we are experiencing the first full moon in addition to the eclipse energy. January is a 1 month and so we can tune into our Soul. Be gentle with YourSelf and know you are LOVE! Make friends with your with your inner critics. If you need more info on this concept Id love to connect or you can research further into SARK's methods or even join Succulent Wild World where my life began to shift drastically a few years ago once beginning with her mentoring and support group online. She has such a beautiful 1 step method to quickly shift and reprogram the 'I can'ts' 'not good enoughs' or the many other ways that one of the critics may show up.

Here is an example:

Above I am talking about limiting screen time and here I am writing on Matts laptop hoping others will read my blog. Seems contradictory, however here is my one step reprogram as I start to hear "that makes no sense people are going to think what is this girl talking about etc etc... "

And simply in writing that I get to say

Actually, " I am a woman!"

Actually, " I am using my screen time in a healthy way."

Actually, " I am choosing in to playing the game with awareness. "

Actually, " I am choosing in to raising the vibration of what is on the internet."

Actaully, " I have something to offer others!"

Too often my perfectionist program likes to say I am not doing enough or being enough and that is a flat out lie. I am pulling that weed from my mind and I know that I AM ENOUGH! and so are YOU!

There are so many different ways and techniques to heal and change your world.

If any of this resonates with you and you want to join the next Women's Circle or future events stay tuned. This is a big year for all of us. Each day love is growing and winning in our world. Thank you for showing up and doing the work. Thank you for being and thank you for sharing your Inner Light with others!

In Gratitude and Love


And now I hear "Its great to be in SouLand, to identify with your Individual Soul In the plane of consciousness which I call SouLand." Ram Dass

Welcome to SouLand :)

Do you Soul a favor and give yours ears some sweet tunes with

East Forest and Ram Dass Album: Ram Dass

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