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Sound Healing 

Divine Tones for the Soul 

Whether you want to experience a session for you or have a gathering and have friends and family benefit too, enjoy a transcendental experience as you leave all constraints of time through the magic of sound therapy. 

Each session implements different instruments that allow us to flow with Spirit and heal. Some of the instruments heard in session are the gong, koshi wind chimes, tingshas, shruti box and more! 

Individual Session

$45 for a 30 minute session 

$75 for a 60 minutes session

This is a session located in my sacred massage room where you get to relax on the massage table, while benefiting from the sound tones. I am trained in Sonic Massage through Pati Pellerito of Center of Sound. My Tibetan Singing bowls tuned to the 7 energy centers along the spine known as the chakras. In each session, the bowls are played on and around the body surrounding  you with sound. The vibrational healing is felt physically creating shifts multidimensionally. Connect in to your Highest Self.  Relax, Heal, and Soar! 

Group Sessions

$200 for a 45 minutes to 1 hr and 15 minutes

$250*  for a  90 minute to 2 hour session 

*Includes up to 10 people; each additional person is $15. 

This is a session where you can either reserve to gather at Omni Health and Yoga, or have myself and my husband travel to your next event.  (travel fee applies) 

Why the variance in time? 

Depending on the number of people in your group, the sound session will be slightly different as each person receives individual healing within the group session.  

Sound Sessions must be booked a week in advance and paid prior to session due to the time invested in planning, as well as transporting all of the instruments.

New to Sound Healing?  Check out for our most current monthly community sound healing event. 

Sound Healing: Services
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